NPM Introduction Workshops

These 1-2 day workshops are designed to provide interested companies with a clearer understanding of the building blocks of the NPM approach and how they work together to gain a better sense of the potential for implementation in their own corporate context.

Depending on the interest and initial situation, different focuses can be set in the workshops.

The content of this workshop is a structured holistic assessment of the "fit" of the applied management practices to the current / anticipated environment.

The results are the basis for a discussion and reflection with the management to find out where there are opportunities / possible fields of action in the specific environment of the company.

Using examples, we outline how to establish a consistent, financial north star target system that is closely linked to your company's strategy.

This workshop provides an insight into the methods for systematically aligning performance measurement with progress. The effect of relative performance measurement will be clarified and it will be shown how this makes strategy implementation more measurable.

In this workshop, we will primarily outline field-tested alternatives for resource allocation and cost control without budgets as well as ways and transition scenarios towards a sustainable establishment of a rolling forecast and a rolling planning process.

In this workshop, we will provide you with proven behavioral science findings regarding motivation and clarify the importance of compensation design at the company, team and employee level in an increasingly volatile environment.

At the same time, we outline field-tested compensation approaches that are aligned with a company's overall success and progress toward longer-term north star goals, and how the consistency of this approach can be designed throughout the organization including the sales function.

Making financial management more flexible

  • Development of relative “North Star” target systems
  • Review and redesign of the remuneration systems
  • Implementation of a rolling planning and forecasting process

Strategy implementation

  • Strategy definition and documentation with strategy maps
  • Introduction of instruments and processes for measuring progress, including software solutions if required

Implementation of the OKR framework

  • Review and adjustment of the current connection between strategy and implementation.
  • Teaching the OKR method through training and support.
  • If required, the introduction of OKR can be additionally supported with a suitable software solution.

Implementation planning and change management support

  • Creation of an implementation plan specific to the company's needs
  • Support with internal communication in various committees (from BoD to expert level)
  • Ensuring the fit and synergy of an adapted / transformed control system.
  • Support in change management and training/knowledge transfer up to the establishment of learning concepts

Implementation of Hilti Lab research projects

  • The NPM approach is based on many years of practical experience as well as research and development work of the "Hilti Lab for Integrated Performance Management" at the University of St. Gallen
  • Within the framework of the Hilti Lab cooperation agreement between Hilti AG and the University of St. Gallen, NPM acts as an interface between science and practice and ensures the practical relevance of research activities by steering Hilti Lab research projects accordingly.
  • This interface function ensures the knowledge transfer practice/science in the field of corporate performance management and thus the topicality of the NPM approach.